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Rikaisama Feature Wishlist

  1. Ability to choose which entry to save instead of always picking the first entry.
  2. EBZ support (compressed EPWING format). link.
  3. Support for using a non-default dictionary in a CATALOGS file. link.
  4. Japanese localization
  5. Add Real-Time Import button to the lookup bar.
  6. Option to use conjugation audio from .(Thanks toshiromiballza!). link.
  7. Ability to display external metadata under the definition lookups. (Thanks Daichi!). link.
  8. Add support. (Thanks Tori-kun!). link.
  9. Buffer the last X number of dictionary lookups for Sanseido and EPWING modes. (Thanks daichi!). link.
  10. Ability to save multiple definitions for the same card. For example, the default one from EDICT and another one from a J-J EPWING dictionary. (Thanks Tori-kun!). link.
  11. Option to display multiple modes in the same popup.(E-J, Names, Kanji). (via email).
  12. Option to display the results from two dictionaries at the same time. (Thanks Tori-kun!). link.
  13. Ability to lookup words in EPWING or Sanseido Modes that are not automatically hilighted. (Thanks nest0r!) link.
  14. Lookup bar support for EPWING and Sanseido modes. (Thanks Sebastian!). link.
  15. Ability to create Anki cards with different templates according to the dictionary you're using at the moment. For example, a template for kanji cards when using Kanjidic, other for vocabulary cards when using Jdic, a different vocabulary template for monolingual definitions, other template for taking example sentences from dictionaries that include them, etc. (Thanks Sebastian!). link.
  16. Display multiple matches in sanseido mode, or have the ability to toggle through them. (Example: 包む currently shows up as くるむ which is 常用外 rather than the much more common つつむ). (Thanks fugu68!). link.
  17. An option to display the pitch accent info in sanseido mode, as they do with numeric subscripts on the dictionary site. (Thanks fugu68!). link.
  18. Counting feature, among other things. At its most basic it would show the number of times that you have looks up a word. Getting more advanced, you could set a threshold to autosave a word that has been looked up a user-specified number of times. (Thanks nest0r!) link.. link..
  19. Show Sanseido's example sentences. (Thanks Hashiriya). link.
  20. Show RTK stories. (Thanks keikei!). link.
  21. Add support for the goo dictionary (similar to Sanseido Mode). (Thanks dat5h!). link.